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Global Executive search services

128 Rue de la Boetie

75008 Paris


+33 (0)6 44 76 28 13

Global Executive search services

  • Active since 2019
  • Number of employees unknown

Kawas Consulting is a professional Retained Executive Search Firm based in Beirut, Lebanon, that has helped place world-class leadership talent in the whole Middle East & Africa Region for over 15 years.

We excel in providing quality service and building strong business relationships with our clients and are most of all passionate about the right match. Our philosophy, to be a business partner rather than a service provider, has led us to be the advisors of choice among top companies seeking guidance and counsel on senior/executive placement needs.

We operate from a principal hub, Beirut, Lebanon, to focus, develop, and grow in the Middle East, Europe and Africa Region. We retain a wide network of contacts in multiple industries throughout the World. These facts, together with our extensive experience in research in the Levant, Gulf markets, Europe and Africa gives us confidence in identifying and developing the required candidates swiftly and successfully.

A key element of our policy is to develop a complete understanding of the requirements of the client in order to “guarantee” that the objectives of the search could be achieved successfully before the start of a search project.

We have worked on search assignments in various industries, covering Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain,Kuwait, Oman, Libya, Iraq , Hungary, Austria, Senegal, Mexico and many other countries.

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